Hydab provides the market with a broad product range of hoses & ventilation products.


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Fire hoses, hydrants and fire accessories


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Material transport, hoses for suction of dust, granules and other abrasive materials

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Hot air and exhaust hoses
Hetlutftsslangar up to 1100 ° C



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Löv, gräs & sopmaskiner

Tillbehör även för Trä- och plastindustrin samt slitande materialtransporter. 

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Water hoses for suction and pressure


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Hydab – Quality Supplier!

We offer probably the most extensive range of affordable and environmentally friendly quality products in hoses and accessories for all industries.

Our product range includes among other things
• Vacuum cleaner hose, Vacuum Accessories, PU tubing, hose protection
• Compressed air hose, water hose, suction hose, food hose, Fire Hydrant
• fire hose, exhaust hose, Pneumatic Hose, Rubber Hoses, Plastic Hoses,
• Teflon Hose PTFE Hose, Welding Hose, Radiator Hose, Fuel Hose, Iris damper,
• Cable protection, Air Products, Air Hose, Silicone Hose, Hose Clamps and Hose Couplings

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Fire reel

Fire reel

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